Table data scraping problem that has one row

A web page has a table with a single row and multiple columns. The problem is,while using data scraping, it asks to indicate second element to create a pattern, but there is no second row in the table.

Writes only the selected column, not the entire row.


Try with the Extract Table Data Activity, you should pick your row and then click no en this message, so it will extract just the first row


I’m trying to use activity you suggested me to, but the data from one row is returned inside one column instead of one row:

Do you have any idea what caused that situation?


click on finish selection and try to execute and check the result please

Hello @dvojinovic

In the modern designer you can use Table extraction and in classic designer you can use sata extraction to achieve this.

UiPath- Table Extraction| How to extract table and pattern based data| Extract URLs


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