Data scraping if not working for web page table

data scraping if not working for one table certain one webpage, then what would be the easiyest way to capyure the entire table and process.

HI @learning_sourav

Can you explain more about your query?

Share the screenshot of the web page?


As @Gokul001 suggested it would be helpful for us to give you the appropriate solution if share something about you task and share few screenshot too @learning_sourav


Have you tried with the Table Extraction by enable modern design in the project secttings

To change the project to modern design

Check this link for more and detiled info


I dont have any usecase as of now infront of me right now, but we generally face sometime the table is not friendly with data scraping, for that scenario I am asking this, wheather we can get individual cell or column for example or any use case you have came accross , so you help with the experience, that how did you solve the issue.

To get the Individual cell you can try with Get Text, Get Full text, Screen Scrapping these activity.

To get the whole column

You can use Data scrapping , Table Extraction methods


Yes, I am giving just one scenario or solution here, but I just looking for is there any best solution you can suggest in this scenario, if it would be an interview question, what would be our approach then.

I not able to get you correctly?

If they ask i will explain about the blow activity that it @learning_sourav

Hello @learning_sourav

If you are telling you need to extract a table of content and the element is not a table.
You can try Table extraction which allows table extraction as well as pattern-based data.

If you just want to get only one value then you can use Get Text activity. Totally depends on what you are going to automate.


I understood the point, thank you for the solution.

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