Unable extract the all the rows from web data table

I am trying to extract a table from a site using data scraping. But UiPath only fetches first few rows. I tried using scrolling down and then data scraping. But then it only fetches last few rows.

I have tried with classic and modern activities like data scrapping, table extraction, generate data table, mouse scroll, do while condition, get full text and send hot keys but no use.

My table is in single page but need to scroll down to seen more rows and there is no 'next page ’ option in my web application. I want to get the entire rows from web data table then I will use it further process.

Could anyone please help.

@rchin You dont actually need to scroll down to extract the data
use extract data table then click on Document name

When I use extract data table and clicked om Document name, the data fetching only(14 rows) what visible in the screen, not getting the all the rows(data table has infinite rows).

@rchin can you share the link?

Hi @rchin
Try this method


You need to indicate another item within the range of next 10 rows(beacuse it’s tend to capture 10 fields only) then check if all the fields is selected or not. If not selected then indicate the next item in the following 10 rows.

If after indicating the next item in the following 10 rows tends to clearing the first 10 rows selection then try indicate any item in that first 10 rows again except first and last fields.

could you please elaborate with activities, please!

Extract data table activity

Looks like you are facing Data Scrolling Issue - UiPath might be having trouble scrolling through the data in the application from which it’s attempting to extract the table. Some applications don’t load all the data at once and require scrolling to load additional data.

Alternatively, you can place the Extract activity inside a loop. In each iteration, extract the data and store it in a separate DataTable, then proceed to scroll down… until you reach the table’s end.

Following this, merge all the individual DataTables into a single consolidated DataTable.

@Zheng_Haiming Thank you and could you please share the some more information on it(with activities)

@rchin Is this problem still persist? Or you already had a solution? If no I would be glad to help you!

@Shripad_Sarwate hri I got resolution for it, I have done nested loop in it

@rchin I face the same issue. Could you please share your solution?