Can we extract data table which uipath cannot extract tabular data, can we use code for that

Can we extract tabular data from software and write it into excel using. The table is dynamic in nature and we have to scroll if there are more rows and columns. Im unableto extract data table using extract data table

Hey, @Bhushan_Nagaonkar

you can try using Data scraping

Still not possible. Tried using that too. Even though it is tabular unable to extract

Hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar ,

Could you confirm on whether the Extraction is not happening at all and you’re receiving an Error or The Extraction does not contain all the data ?


Are you able to get the table tag?

If so …you can try to get the innerhtml of the table tag and from there from html we can try extracting…use get attribute to get the inner html


No its says that the table is not in tabular format. It has Column and row headings.

@supermanPunch @Anil_G


Can you check how the table is formed…is it using div and span?

For this you can inspect and check the tags

Altermately try using for eqch ui element activity and check what similar elements you are gettings


@Bhushan_Nagaonkar ,

The next check would be to use Find Children and check if it gives out the result.

Actually due to software issue it is giving huge difficulty to extract tabular data. You cannot even navigate to table so it is not possible. It was possible with cv but due to scroll cant extract whole data.
And it also takes unwanted side part which are not in table format
@Anil_G @supermanPunch


Did you try with for each ui element or find children


in such case we made good experiences by:

And setting up our custom data extraction approach

Did try find children unable to fetch that table. UiPath cant identify those elements

we do not know what was done and also we do not know the element structure details

Depends on the details. As mentioned we had implemented a few also complex retrievals with this option

However, it depends on the details. We mentioned the initial potential building blocks. As long the element structure details are not shared the ongoing discussion risks turning into an endless ping-pong chat without any outcome



If not the data…try providing some structural details about the site to understand more


MicrosoftTeams-image (124)

As you can see we cannot select the column head it selects particular part of screen.

Same way we cannot select the cell

Hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar

Try to change UI Framework



  1. Is this a web application or desktop?
  2. If web app then you can inspect the element and get to the prt you need or you can use visual tree from the left top of the ui explorer to navigate through nodesz. Some times even ehen it is not indicsted the elements would still come on the visual tree
  3. Is that a iframe?


It is desktop application