Extract data from a table

Hii. I’m trying to extract some data from a table, the thing is when i use the Data Scraping activity it show me this error


The data is not extracted from a browser, it is extracted from a program that is installed on the computer. The table looks like this


I need to save all the numbers that appear in the table, the numbers vary depending on the query.

In advance, thank you so much for your help.

  1. Try to check if the application has an export to excel option
  2. Try to see if you can Ctrl+A the table, copy it and then paste it somewhere, and see if the structure is preserved.
  3. A cool thing that could be done, but is a little tiresome, is do a Get Text inside a loop, and the idea is that you get the number from each row, and keep going down, by manipulating a property that it should be in the selector something like rowNumber so you increase the number, extract, and continue, with an If where it reaches the end of the table, that if the numberRow does not exist, stop.
  4. The last resort could be extraction with OCR.
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Thanks for your help. I will try, and see what’s best.

Hello @camilacalderon

Data scrapping will help to extract data from the application if it is of table format. If it is a web application, you can inspect and check whether the values are under the tag.

Also, you can try the modern Table Extraction method. It helps to extract both Table and pattern-based data.


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