Extract Structured Data not working for pagedown


I try to extract from ERP with “extract structured data table” but when he save the excel file , i have data only from page 1. The extraction is from ERP (Movex). Selector for page down “”

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Have you denoted the second page number while prompted for “You want to extract values from multiple pages”? @maticiuc

In Movex i don’t have number of pages.


@maticiuc Use element exists and find one common element in the page down

Try indicating the Scroll bar when “you want to extract values from multiple pages” popup comes up

i try to put page down but is not work. “”

When he save the file, he save only first page…

i put but is not work webctrl idx=‘1’ name=‘scrollDownArrow’ tag=‘IMG’

each row have an unique key…maybe can i try with copy clipboard?

Is the behaviour that the table is not fully loaded until you have scrolled to the bottom?

It’s possible that you may have to get the bot to scroll down a sufficient number of times to return all the data.

oK, can you share an example?