Table Extraction not work (260.4 KB)
As attached, I want to get the data from webpage with “Table Extraction”, I ran the job and the webpage could auto get the next page until page 93. but at last, only the first page data wrote into the excel file missing the page 2 - page 93. Could you please help to advise where goes wrong? Thanks.


For now, to isolate causes, can you try to set some value (such as 100 (rows)) at NumberOfItems property in ExtractTableData?



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Pls follow the same steps as in this doc for multiple page extraction

Cheers @felix.guan

Thanks for your reply.
I have retried and indicated the “Next Button” already, however from the Prview result, there are still only 50 Rows (the first page result only). not sure if this is the root cuased. Thanks.


It seems normal as preview doesn’t use next button.


en… I also tried to set some value at number of item in Extract Table data. if the number is less than 50 (such as 30), the result are fine that only 30 rows results were wrote into the excel. but if the number is large than 50 (such as 100), there is still only 50 records (amount of first page)wrote into excel file .

Many thanks Palaniyappan,

But i have tried and still failed. not sure if this is defect on Extract Table Data, only page 1 result can be extracted. Thanks for your ideas.


I reproduced your issue. So if i use Chrome, it works fine. However IE doesn’t work for some reason.
It might be better to change your browser, if possible.


Hi Yoichi,

This is the answer what i want !! Thanks so much. You are helpful.
Appreciated your help. Thanks again.

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