Extract structured data fails to return data

I have a multi-page extract structured data activity which works on the first multi-page extract, but returns nothing on the second or subsequent iterations. There is no error message, just an empty data table. Any debugging ideas?

Can you please tell me what kind of application you are trying to automate?

It’s a company website. I’m retrieving data from search results pages on the site.

DId you select next link selector ?

First page is getting scrapped properly?

Yes, the first multi-page came back with data. The second iteration (search) the data table came back empty.

That should not be the case. 2nd Page also follows the same step as first page data extraction.

Can you try extracting from 2nd or 3rd page and check what happens then? Do you get similar one page extraction or not?

I was unable to solve the problem, but I have a workaround, which is I have restructured the workflow to scrape one page at a time and this works. Assume there must have been some issue with large mult-page scraping. In any case the page by page approach is more robust from a retry perspective.

Thanks for you interest.

did we try incrementing the page with any attribute in the selector like id so that each page data extraction can be done one by one

I haven’t done that yet, as I just wanted to get it working. However I will make that modification later, so that it can recover on a page by page basis.


this could help you indeed

and for creating variable in selector itself