Extract Structured Data activity not working for multiple pages

Hi community!
I am extracting a datatable from a webpage of a specific Member Id. I’m using Extract Structured Data activity for the extraction of html table for further processing. But if I load another datatable of different Member Id, the activity doesn’t work as desired. I have also used the Anchor Base activity in it and used the Extract Structured Data activity inside this. Although it’s working now but not as expected.

Any suggestions or clues are appreciated!

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check the selector once whether it includes Member Id in any of the attribute in selector. if yes then replace that with wildcard star “*”. And then try once.

No the Member Id isn’t in any of the combinations of selectors. Any other way please??

Please check whether the both selectors are same.

If it is possible please share both selectors here.


Pradeep Sridharan


Share screenshot of both selectors. Will check and update you.

  1. image
  2. image

Above two are the selectors I found in Extract Structured Data activity. Here although the idx attribute is different but I have tackled that in loop. As far as I understand, parentid is causing the issue coz each new Member Id table has unique parent id.


Then try like this:


I did this too. The Extract Structured Data activity works in this case but not as desired. I mean to say that it does not produce the desired results.

Here in the above screenshots parentid is same but in some cases it differs for different Member Ids. I used wildcard (*) for this as asked by Lukshman, but then it extracts not only table but other UI Elements’ data also. I only want to extract html table’s data. Because each UIElement has distinct parent id.


If it is possible, remove parent id or uncheck parent id in selector and check whether you getting a solution or not? Its just try. Check and let me know.


Pradeep Sridharan

I tried this, but it causes the idx to change its value. When it was in the selector, idx =1. And since I m going to extract the whole datatable and as you know, each row of an html table is considered as a separate table by Data Scraping feature and each such table has a unique idx, so I was tackling that in a loop with initial value 1. But removing parentid has caused the idx to have the value 49.

Hi @ Hassan_Ali,

IDX its your problem, use ui explorer to get the selector without them, for this get most information in the selector you can.

IDX and CTL0 are dynamic items in selectors, Parent ID its nit your problem becouse its the same juts add more info to your selector, ex:

if the Member ID its always in same spot use css info + Class + Parent Class and parent ID usuly with this info idx will desapear

Yeah I understand, but in my scenario, idx is useful for me to loop through the table for the extraction of entire html table. I searched the uiexplorer to find some stable and static selector as a key for the solution of this issue, but no result. But I retry it since you asked me.

If you have a DT and if you have a for each row you dont need the IDX use like aaname and before use get attribute to get the aaname attribute and usit indide your selector .

As a rule of thumb for selectors, never use idx, just pretend it does not exist :slight_smile:

Will you please elaborate it??

idx is something the uipath studio generates, it is not native from the application you are extracting data from, so it is not reliable enough to use…