Data extraction from Multiple tables on a web page

I am trying to scrap data from multiple tables on single web page. There are different tables with different number of columns and rows.

I tried using “For each element” but in this case, I am unable to extract the data from other table. It exctracts from the same table that has been selected in design time. I used the examples given

Below is the image of code on how tables are generated on the webpage.


Could you check your selectors for both table there should be some property difference, could you provide more details on activities selectors and properties to guide you?

I am using "Extract Data Table’ activity. I found that each table have different name and it is mentioned in ‘patenid’ and found in ‘strcit selector’ of Extract data.

<webctrl parentid='lateSummaryTable' tag='TABLE' />

@prateek.mehandiratta9 I didn’t understand exactly what you need.

I guess you want to use for each instead of multiple extract datatable activity?

Can you make parent id as dynamic or parametrized if its different for every table?

parametrized is not working.

@prateek.mehandiratta9 parametrized worked.

great, Happy Automation

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