Extract Structured Datatable Issue

Hi There,

I am having trouble while I am trying to use extract structured datatable method because the website I have been working on does not have fixed ids for tables that’s why I couldn’t find a general solution. IDs are differentiating from one to another.

Is there any way to auto-recognize table ids which are active on the webpage? If not, there should be :slight_smile:

Thank you very much already!

If a part of the id keeps changing, You can check for portion of the ids.
Example, if your ids change like table123, table345, etc. then you can use id=table* in your selector.

You can also check other attributes apart from ids. Try checking for an apt selector using the Property Explorer section in Ui Explorer. Something like this

you can Omit the ID and add other properties like Parent name, name and aaname

Hi There,

Thank you very much for your responses. @kaderms @Divyashreem

I my case unfortunately other properties for selected table did not work either. Table ID’s were even differentiated while refreshing the page.

Finally, I could find a way out by using a constant property Which is under the table and got the parentid of it(which is almost the same with the id I looked for). Then I defined the Ext.DT’s selector outside as string. Thankfully problem solved :slight_smile: