Table Extractions is not working for two different IDs

Hi All
Table Extraction Error for Two IDs it is not picking data dynamically. Below is the Strict Selector for two ids. Any suggessions please.

ID1 Strict Selector:-
webctrl css-selector=‘body>div>div>div>table>tbody>tr>td>div>table’ idx=‘12’ parentid=‘datasection’ tableRow=‘2’ tag=‘TABLE’ /
webctrl tableRow=‘2’ tag=‘TABLE’ /

ID2 Strict Slector:-
webctrl css-selector=‘body>div>div>div>table>tbody>tr>td>div>table’ idx=‘11’ parentid=‘datasection’ tableRow=‘2’ tag=‘TABLE’ /
webctrl tableRow=‘2’ tag=‘TABLE’ /


what is the error that you are getting? Could you pls elaborate it more?


Hi @niranjan.kummara ,

Try to remove idx by adding id, parent_id, or class in the selector.
Also if possible, Please share the entire selector for both cases in UIExplorer.


@Ashutosh.Gupta I have fixed this issue, but now For all IDs im getting same output. Any suggessions

@niranjan.kummara ,

If you’re using any loop to iterate through IDs, Then at the beginning of the loop, use ‘clear datatable activity’ to clear the old data from datatable.


@Ashutosh.Gupta Yes, I have used Clear Data base activity but still i have last executed value for all other IDs

@niranjan.kummara ,

Without looking at the code it’s hard to say what causing it.
If possible please share the code or screenshot of it.

Ashutosh Gupta