Table Data extraction Error- Got same output all other IDs

Hi All,

After reading data from web page for multiple ids,I got the 1st ID output for all other IDs. Any suggessions please.


Hello @niranjan.kummara . May I know which activity you used for doing this?

@arjunvyshnav Extract table data and Write Range activities i have used extract the details.

@niranjan.kummara Alright! Can you tell me how the records are actually looking like ? in table structure ? It will be helpful, if you can show similar structure with dummy values.

Hii @niranjan.kummara ,
Can you please share the screenshot of the Ui explorer for atleast 2 different ID’s There we might get some dynamic attributes.

after using write range to write the data, use assign activity like below
dt_ExtractedTable = new DataTable

I assumption of root cause: Extract table activity do not override the older data in datatable instead it just add into it.e.g on first loop, row count be 5 then on second loop it will be 10 (5 of first page and 5 of second page) rows instead of 5 rows of second page.

@AkshaySandhu Sure i will try any screenshot i can get

@Jithesh_R Actually i have created 4 data extracts, Is that what the issue

Hii @niranjan.kummara ,
Why you need 4 data extracts if you have the same table which is dynamic. You can try by making the selectors will be great if you send the Uiexplorer screenshots so that we can try which attributes should be dynamic.

@Jithesh_R In a single webpage there are 4 types of data i have, In one single extract it wont be passible to take. Im not sure if there is any other way to take it in single extract. Reason im taking 4 extracts to do not to make it complication. Any way can i make it simple workflow.

Can You Take the screenshot of Uiexplorer of atleast 2 different id’s?