Extract DT returns Null or Empty


I’m strugling with a table on a local website. I’m trying to use Extract DT to get all data inside the table, but it returns either “null” or “empty”. I tried to play with xaml inside, but didn’t manage to get anywhere. Any ideas ? Thank you in advance !



There could be several reasons why you are not able to extract data from the table using the “Extract Structured Data” activity in UiPath. Here are a few things you can try:

  1. Check the Selector: Make sure that the selector for the “Extract Structured Data” activity is correctly identifying the table. You can use the “UI Explorer” to verify the selector and ensure that it is not too specific or too general.
  2. Check the Table Format: Ensure that the table is in a proper format with columns and rows. If the table does not have a proper format, then the activity may not be able to extract data from it.
  3. Use Data Scraping: Try using the “Data Scraping” activity instead of the “Extract Structured Data” activity. Data Scraping is another way to extract structured data from tables and can be more flexible than “Extract Structured Data”.
  4. Check for Delays: If the website is slow or has a lot of data to load, then there could be delays in loading the table. Add some delays in your workflow to allow enough time for the table to load before trying to extract data from it.
  5. Check the Output: After running the “Extract Structured Data” activity, check the output to see if any data has been extracted. If the output is “null” or “empty”, then there could be issues with the selector or the table format.

By trying these steps, you should be able to extract data from the table on the local website.

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