Issue is with table extraction. Need to extract 4 column data but on in one column data is showing blank. How to fix

Below is the data which i am extracting.

Below is the data which i am getting. Status column is blank where if you see on above screen its having “N” value.


It is a Button or dropdown So that’s why the table extraction is unable to extract Status Details.So it is different from other data like From, DAte and subject.

Hope you Understand

Its not a button if you see i am able to append text in that. check first row.


So it is a textbox .

The “Extract Data Table” activity in UiPath is primarily designed to extract structured data from tables, grids, and similar structures. It may face challenges when dealing with dynamic or interactive elements within a table, such as textboxes or buttons that allow user input.

If a column contains dynamic elements like textboxes or buttons with user interactions, the “Extract Data Table” activity might not be able to directly extract the data from those elements. Instead, you may need to use alternative methods to interact with and extract data from dynamic elements.

As per my understanding it should read the value from textbox whatever it is.


It is designed to handle structured data, such as tables in documents, web pages, or applications. It is not designed to extract unstructured data, like images, hyperlinks, or textboxes.