Issue while extracting the Data Table


I need to extract the data table from a web application. I’m using extract structured data activity. The issue is, I can’t precisely select the entire table, if I hover my mouse, it’s either selecting the individual table or the outer element (div) where the table exist.

How do I extract this data table?

Example from 1 row


hey what do you mean by its either selecting the individual table? Are you not able to extact column by column if not entire table at once.


H, Nope, the entire table is not getting highlighted to select. Table extraction method also gives error.

Okay, Just found out about visual tree usage, and successfully selected the required table.

Selected the out “div”, which contains the TABLE and opened the Ui Explorer. In the left side, there’s a visual tree, where we can see the elements in the web page.

I selected children only and searched for TABLE tag and made it as a target.

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