Export SAP report issue (SAP timeout)

I am encountering a new issue in SAP when I try to export the table data to an excel file,
I need to make sure When SAP appears the window, then process save action…
if SAP prompts the window as below, process rerun action,

Which activity i can use to judge which window is appearing? or how to automatically judge the two situation ?
Any suggestions?
Much appreciated!

@bfhuang, Noticed that you are automating SAP using GUI (graphical user interface), in that case you can use Element exist and map the pop up box.

If the same error happens again then the Element Exists activity will capture and give you a Boolean

@Ragu9060 But element exist default waiting time is 3 seconds, I didn’t how long will it take to show each of the window that i mentioned.

@bfhuang, find the below snippet that i have created here you have to pass the input variable and at the last you can receive a Boolean stating if the element exists or not.

Symprio_Element_WaitForElement.xaml (10.7 KB)

@Ragu9060 May I know the variable’s purpose? image
And form the code,it will retry 5 times? if failed to detect the element, then come to false? how long will it take total 5 times?


This is a variable that i used to pass the delay time, inside the loop i have introduces a delay and for which i pass the data from this variable.

For each loop it will take 2 sec of delay as i have passed the value as ‘2’ to the variable, for 5 loop totally it will take 10 sec.

@Ragu9060 with your snippet, still not working, actually process stacked before this step, if SAP prompts maximum work process hold time exceeded, and we can’t catch anything even images, if we use uipath to find element, images, UIPath will crashed.