Walt element vanish issue

I’m having an issue with the Wait element vanish Activity in a Sap window. It was working from past two days, but now it’s not catching the window anymore and when the timeout is exceeding an exception is occurring.
Same window, same selector (that is working fine).
The only things that changed is a click button that I put forward in the workflow.
What could be the problem?

Can you paste the selector here?

The selector is this one :
<wnd app='saplogon.exe' cls='SAP_FRONTED_SESSION' title='xxxxx'/> <sap id='usr/box%BBL1053_BLOCK_1000'/>

Can you try to open the SAP application a few times and then check if the id changes?
1053_BLOCK_1000 could have changed since last time. If new functionality has been added to the program etc etc.

I already tried, but the selector remain the same

Ok. Is there any other changes in the program?

Are you able to validate the selector and highlight it? Does it recognise it when you do this?

Yes, it highlights it correctly in ui explorer. The only change is a click button that I put forward, but now also if I put it in the previous position, it doesn’t work.
Maybe it is too fast and it doesn’t catch the window when it disappear?

Then it might be something with the loading and readiness of the application.

Try to use an element exist on the same element. And a message box for when the element exist.
This way you can check when the element is detected in the process.
Could be that the application now uses a longer time to load a certain part of the screen.

I put an element exist with the same selector, just before the wait element vanish and the box was correctly detected…
Maybe I should try something different…but it’s weird because previously it was working fine