Does Element Exists activity wait until Element appears?


I have a scenario where I click on export spreadsheet in SAP, it takes more time may be an hour to show a popup where we enter file name and Path - Does Element Exists activity is an effective solution? if we make wait property interactive will it wait until popup occurs even it take hours please assist.

Hi @monishanair2010 ,

You can increase the timeout value in the Element Exists activity so that bot will wait for that much of time.

Otherwise if you want check like visible on screen use “On Element Appear” activity in the property window set “RepeatForever” as False, WaitVisible as True and give enough time in "Timeout "

@monishanair2010 Yes, you can use element exists. Make sure you set the below properties

  • Wait for Ready property set to Complete so that it will going to wait for that element until it completely loads. This way we can avoid selector Not found errors
  • Timeout Property set to 60000 millisec which is equals to 60sec that means app 1hr. You can modify it accordingly
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