SAP wait for the excel to export before saving

After I select the export option to Excel from SAP, I have a sequence where the file will be saved using f12, The problem occurs when it reaches this stage as after selecting the export option and the excel appears, before the data is fully exported, UIPath goes straight into saving the file which causes it to freeze and then fail. Is there a way to make UIPath wait until the excel finishes exporting? I’ve seen the Find Element activity but that uses timeout which I don’t want to rely on as different reports may have different times to export.


Try with Element exists activity.

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When exporting Excel from SAP. whether their is a popup box or some others processing bar display in Window?
If has, can monitoring it and do save file after the popup box is disappeared.

There is one popup in SAP after clicking export that will appear only after the excel has finished exporting. However, the popup is hidden behind the excel window, can find element/element exists be able to detect it?

I will try to see if this works thanks.

Yes, maybe can be detect by using Microsoft OCR.

Ok so I managed to get it to work by using Element exists activity and put it inside a do while loop. I got stumped for a bit because it doesn’t seem to work when i select the whole window popup so I had to select the text “save data to excel…” and then it reliably works. Thanks all.

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