Element Exist getting stuck

Hi All,

I have come across one issue in my workflow, I’m using element exist with timeout at 3000. It is getting freeze on element exist activity, it will wait for more than a hours, Not even throwing any error, forcefully i have to terminate it every-time.

If anyone has resolution on this, please let me know as well.

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Did you try to modifiy the WaitForReady parameter? Maybe there’s some loading issue with the application you’re trying to automate.
Try setting it to None and see if the error still occurs.

Hi @radu_bucur,

Thanks for your response.

I tried all option None, interactive and complete but still didn’t resolved. It is just getting stuck on that particular element for hours. At least it should throw error after 30 second.


Can you tell me how often does this error occur? Is it something that happens every time?
Also, have you tried using something like a FindElement activity to replace the Element Exists that gets stuck?

do create new element exists activity and delete old one

I’m facing same issue in SAP automation. When I try to use Element Exits or Find Element activities to detect PopUp window, activites are stucked. Timeout is set to 300ms, WaitForReady=None, WaitActive=False, WaitVisible=None

Element Exits:

Find Element:

It looks like WaitForReady or Timeout property is not working in special situations during SAP automation.

My investigation:
This is happening in SAP, when you try to export data from transaction to Excel file. Go to some SAP transaction, then List → Export → Spreadsheet, then PopUp Save as appears:

When SAP PopUp Save as is present on screen, SAP is loading something on background screen (loading bar visible):

For this reason, WaitForReady property might not work in this situation, even if set to None. Or, maybe problem with Timeout property, I don’t know…

Honestly, I didn’t found solution for this. Anyone can help? It’s a headache

Please ensure you have this set on your machine, than all will work super smooth and you do not need any “wait for something”

This screen is not SAP window, it is “Microsoft Windows” window


Best regards, Lev


In this SAP Automations, the bot is sometimes stuck on the previous activity (the one that popped up the “Save As” in this example)

What I normally do, is put it in a parallel activity, let me show an example of the flow:

Wrong (for this type of activities):

  • The element exist doesn’t work, since the bot thinks he still did not finish the click.


  • The element exists works, since the bot is clicking, and without waiting for the activity to finish, he starts checking the popup


This is quite common in SAP buttons that open subwindows, and sometimes also in Oracle.