Element appear - Timeout exceeded

Hello fans,
I am struggling with Element Appear activity within SAP. I’ve tried to set it on True as well as False in RepeatForever. However it always times out.
Do you have any suggestion how to modify my selector ?
PS : the element I am trying to catch is a POP-UP window

maybe the selector is not specific enough due to your idx attribute being a wildcard. If you click “indicate element” and capture it again, whats the actual value of idx?

Even if I recapture, it stays the same

The window title says “Error message” so Im guessing: Is this window always appear in your process? Cause robot is waiting for that window to appear and after that performing actions inside this container.

If this Error message dont show every time, then you need to use different activity (like element exist, if yes then click if not - do nothing)

If error message appear every time then you need to improve selector.

And also:

Try with this option:


Yes Jakub, the “Error message” POP UP window is one and only to be shown after I execute previous steps. There is no way any other windows will show up.