Execution in background (type / click)

I have a workflow on a VDI that works perfectly if I’m connecting to through remote desktop from my computer, but I need that workflow runs automatically in background.

I have scheduled a task into Windows Task Scheduler, but it doesn´t work. The execution stops at the begin of the workflow when the robot has to introduce a password and click in the button “Log in”.

I have tried adding “/executor” argument after /file:“<absolute_path_to_your_main_workflow>”, but it doesn´t work either.

I think that the issue is that I don´t know how to make that the robot write or make click in background execution

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Try adding the /monitored argument as well


Thank you Lavinia,

but it doesn´t work either.

I’ve done some testing and only activities where there is no click or type activity, work well when running in the background. But I do not know how to solve it when I need to click or enter text.

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Could you check invoking the part that has UI interactions through LaunchWorkflowInteractive?

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Hello, have you solved this somehow?
I have exactly the same problem. LaunchWorkflowInteractive didn’t help.

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  1. Are you starting the workflow via Task Scheduler while nobody is logged in (run weather user is logged on or off)?
    In this case you should search related topics on scheduling.
  1. Are you minimizing the RDP?

Please note that we do not support starting workflows via the Task Scheduler. Only Orchestrator.

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In my case, I’m trying to schedule a simple process on my computer. interactive.xaml (12.4 KB)
Main.xaml (9.9 KB)
It opens a notepad app, enters some text and saves file in last known location. However, when I try to schedule it with windows task scheduler with option “Run whether user logged on or not” it stops immediately after opening the Notepad and event viewer reports that it was unable to find the the notepad window.

Could you please elaborate on “we do not support starting workflows via the Task Scheduler” ? I’ve found an article on uiPath.com on this:
Managing Triggers
Is this article obsolete?..

Also, does this mean that I will be unable to schedule workflow after buying front offiec / back office licence?

Thank you in advance!