UiPath does not work in Cloud

Hi everyone, As long as I have the remote desktop (AWS) opened the workflow works with 100% accuracy. When I close the desktop I got the short info that all the processes will continue to work, which seems pretty obvious. However when I open remote desktop again the UiPath says it cannot find the image and workflow stops working. Is there any solution for that ? The log:

Click image ‘chrome.exe Name_of_the_website’ : Parameter is not valid.
Automation execution ended in: 03:44:40


Are you 1)minimizing or 2)closing the RDP client?

If 1) please try to set RemoteDesktop_SuppressWhenMinimized in the registry:

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Thank you for the reply. I am closing it. Also I have UiPath installed and it is running on RDP client plus UiPath controls what is happening in the web browser that is opened on RDP as well. In short “everything” is on RDP. Solution for 1) minimazing seems interesting but I intend to make it work for 2) closing the RDP client.

2nd scenario is not yet supported in CE which does not install a UiPath Service.

However I managed to make it work with 1) by adding HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client -RemoteDesktop_SuppressWhenMinimized and set it’s value to 2.

If not doing this I would receive Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions. error.


Hi Badita,

I had the same problem and made the changes that have been suggested by you. But does not seem to work. Just give some more light on the issue, Let me explain what i did.

  • I have developed the code on my local machine.

  • Took a tenancy at “platform.uipath.com

  • Published the latest code and added it to the orchestrator

  • Now, I took a windows AWS instance and installed UiPath Studio.

  • Installed the UiPath Robot in the AWS Instance

  • Added this environment in UIPath Orchestrator.

  • And executed the project in the AWS instance.
    This is where my problem started. As soon as I minimize or closed the RDP window. The bot starts to fail.

Please let me know if there are any other fixes.

Thanks ahead.

Log off from the machine.
Start the process from orchestrator. The process should run without seeing it.

I am trying to execute an url in remote server in uipath
1.i connected to remote server
2.executing open browser and gave the respective link
It is connecting to the remote server but the open browser is not executing on the remote server which i connected.It is opening browser in my local machine.
Can anyone help me in resolve this issue…
Thanks in advance

@nandhinip1 Check out the links below. (To make a long story short, create a shortcut of the browser you want to open and assign a hotkey to the shortcut in the remote environment, and send that hotkey to the rdp window.)

A best practice in opening applications in virtual machine environments is creating a shortcut for the application on the desktop of the machine, assigning it a hotkey, and then sending that hotkey to the remote desktop connection window by using a Send Hotkey activity. It is recommended to use a more complex key combination for the shortcut, to avoid interfering with existing ones.