Schedule Robot Without Orchestrator

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to use the Windows Task Schedule,
this last, launch the icon of UiRobot, but it does not launch the treatment.
My session is open an I dont have an error returned.

all screen copies as attachments.
toutes les copies écrans en pièces jointes.

Notepad Automation.xaml (25.6 KB)
Process Published


Are you using UIPath > 2018.2 ?
If yes, could be the same issue than me : Using UIPath Robot from the command line since v2018.2 - #2 by loginerror

Hi @Slimane_OUZIALA,

Using task scheduling its possible
Please find the attachedMain.xaml (6.5 KB)

sample flow for that

Thank you @Trracer and @varunk

This option is working en Run Only when user is logged on.
But I want to launch the robot on the Remote mode whether user is logged on or not.

with this option the robot starts (launch) but it can not click on certain button on my business application

Hi @varunk @Trracer

Do you have an insuer to this mater?


Hi @Slimane_OUZIALA,

Am not getting what you are asking

Hi @varunk

Hi @Slimane_OUZIALA ,
have you found the solution ?