Execute resolution if not defined on orchestrator


Does anybody knows in what resolution is unattended bot going to run if the resolution parameters are not defined on Orchestrator? I have some distant thought that it should keep the resolution which was used during the development but maybe I am wrong.



We won’t consider the orchestrator resolution. Whenever we’re developing the process in the system. That particular system’s resolutions will takes the consideration.

We need to import the below namespaces from imports panel


The above expression will give you the resolution



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It depends how the server is configured.

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Hello @Andrija

There are provisions to set the resolution for the bot execution. You can refer to the below posts.

How do you set the screen resolution for a UiPath robot? - Stack Overflow.

Thank you for the details

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Hi Rahul

I need to change the resolution dynamically, and the setup though orchestrator is static so it doesnt cover my problem