How to know screen resolution specified in orchestrator?

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Is there any way to retrieve the screen resolution specified in orchestrator for any robot when a process is running on that robot?

Suppose there are multiple processes developed with different resolution and running one after another on a robot which has resolution specified in orchestrator. There are chances that process fail at any point due to resolution difference.

So if I can find resolution specified in orchestrator, it will easy to raise alert or handle it.

This will get current screen resolution and display it.
test-screen-size.xaml (4,9 KB)

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Not this, I am looking solution to retrieve screen size specified in orchestrator for any robot.

This setting I want to retrieve as appeared in below screenshot.


Am I wrong to assume that the resolution of the running job is always the same as configured here?

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You are right. Screen resolution changes automatically on start of process. I never saw this happening as I work on remote desktop.

I marked your response as solution to my problem. Thank you.

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