Restarting Robot Components

Hi Everyone,
I have enterprise account in orchestrator and I am working in VM, the project working good in normal time, but when I scheduled to run early morning the bot failing because time out and missed Uielement, I checked it is download in service mode as the attached photo, now I am trying to change the resolution in UiPath.setting and robot in orchestrator.
my question, if I change the display resolution for UiPath.setting and robot is that and is there any effect on exist projects or anything else?

Is the robot set to run at the same resolution as you developed the process in / the resolution that you are running it successfully attended in?

I think so it is same, but how can make sure about that?

Hi @Dhiaa-ABM

To get the robot resolution, you can add a log message at Init like this:

"The primary screen resolution is: "+Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Width.ToString+" x "+ Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Height.ToString

If you need force a define resolution for unnatended robots, you can go to Tenant > Manage Access > Assign Roles

Find the robot account > Edit > Robot Settings

In Session Settings, you can set the resolution that be used when create the user session.

Be aware that change this might impact other automation


that’s mu question about impact, because I have huge projects and I don’t want this change to effect on it

To check the resolution in both scenarios, add the log message as advised by @rikulsilva and see what the output is in both the unattended logs and your attended logs when you’re logged in and successfully running the process.

Do you develop locally on your laptop on a remote RDP session?

it is exist project in VM, and not sure if they developed this project locally or not?

also this log message it automatically available in reframe work design, but because its old project I cant found it, also when I added the log message it is gave error, is it need specific packages?

Hi @Dhiaa-ABM

You can import the namespace in Import Panel


Or alternatively, you can just use the entire line like:

"The primary screen resolution is: "+System.Windows.Forms.Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Width.ToString+" x "+ System.Windows.Forms.Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Height.ToString

Hi @Dhiaa-ABM,

Please check the below document link:

Robot User Guide:

I hope this will help.