How to set the resolution of an Application before running the code in citrix environment in UIpath?

I am facing issue in deploying my bot on another system due to different resolution on that System. So, I am trying to find some solution which set the resolution before running the bot and after completing the task it should set the resolution as previous one in citrix environment.

Please assist for the same.



Are you running this BOT from Orchestrator ?

If yes then at the time of creating robot we can set resolution also.

Thanks @lakshman,

No, We don’t have orchestrator. We are using community addition.
Is there solution for this in Community edition.

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Sorry I don’t have any idea on this.

I know setting screen resolution through Orchestrator.

Hi @lakshman,

How can we do that using orchestrator. Do you have the link of any thread available on this?



Check below attached screenshot. you will find this under Robots page and then Settings Tab.