Excuse me, where should I modify the Orchestrator version?

Thank you very much.

Hi @WangJidong,
What do you mean by modify the Orchestrator version? If you mean update then please read here:

But this applies only to Enterprise version. Community Orchestrator is managed by UiPath.


This is the trouble I have encountered. If you can solve it, it really helped me a lot.

Custom option is when you want to save project package to your own folder or NuGet feed. If you want to publish package in Orchestrator then you need firstly to connect your Robot with Orchestrator and then choose Orchestrator option.

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Yes, I have connected to Robots and done those things, but the Orcchestrator is unselectable, and the white box is a reminder when I put the mouse on the Orchestrator.

Which version of UiPath Studio do you have? And do you have your own orchestrator or you using Community Orchestrator?

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I use the uipath of 2019.6, I am using Community Orchestrator.

Please check your robot configuration. Remember that now Community orchestrator is cloud based and address has changed:
Status should be Connected, licensed.

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Where should I find this?

Together with Studio there is also Robot installed. You should find it in the start menu and the in system tray. Please read this (Section " Connecting the Robot to Orchestrator"):

At point 4. it will be not image.

Use Https://cloud.uipath.com

Please also check this topic:

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Thank you, I will try it right away.

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Thank you very much, you solved my big problem

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Anytime :wink:

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