Exception while getting mails from Inbox Folder in Outlook

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to extrapolate information from my outlook account to an excel sheet. The process seems to be going fine, except when I hit run it can’t find my folder? It has already been assigned as “Inbox”, had no real intention of changing it. Can someone please help explain why this is occurring.


File not referring to Excel.

Check these Post, You may find some solution

Thanks. Unfortunately mine isn’t even working for inbox.

This is the error that it comes up with: “Get outlook mail messages : The specified folder does not exist”. I don’t know if there is some preliminary action I must take in order for Ui Path to recognize that the folder exists, but figured the ‘Get Outlook Mail Messages’ should encapsulate all necessary requirements?

Found the solution to the problem. Turns out my email that was plugged in needed to be exactly that on my outlook account. A couple of poorly placed capital letters.