Can not Read outlook mail from Custom Folder in outlook

I have created 1 folder with emails in outlook and trying to read the mails using getoutlookmailmessage and written the folder name inside mailFolder section but could not get the mails whereas for Inbox ,Drafts folder it is working fine???

Did you check if the folder name is exactly the same (including caps)? Are you getting any errors?

Will you be able to post the screenshots?

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Hi ,

I am saving the mail in that folder which I have received in Attachment as a mail so for that it’s not working otherwise if I am moving mail from inbox then it is working fine.

So is there any solution for reading those mails also ?



Keep in mind that in some cases outlook creates the folder in a given path. For instance in mine I have [Gmail] so if I want to read a folder from there I have to specify [Gmail]\Inbox.


The case was the issue for me. Once I made sure the cases matched it worked. Thank you @ Cosmin_Ion_Nicolae