Excel write range data not being read between sequences

I have a unique situation occurring that I am experiencing for the first time, even though other automations had performed the same task. Long story short, the data from a write range activity does not show until I click off the worksheet…or scroll up and down.

More detail…
I have an automation that retrieves a number from Worksheet A, uses that number to pull data from another application, and then writes some of this information back on Worksheet A. This is the first loop of the automation. The second loop, which runs as part of the same workflow, uses the data retrieved from the first loop to continue processing. The problem is that the information does not show up in Excel until the mouse click off the spreadsheet or the screen is refreshed somehow. Because of this, the second loop of the automation does not run.

Any suggestions? This has stumped my for two days now. Thank you!


Did you try workbook activities ?

Hi @ecullison,

Have you tried activating that excel application by clicking on it then as a first step before performing all the activities mentioned above?
Did it work?


Hey Sugumar8785…I have not tried this but will try right now.

Sonaliaggarwal47…I will definitely need to try this if the workbook activities option does not work.

Do you know where/how I would do this?