Write Range activity doesn't write all the data back to Excel

Hello, I am currently working on an automation that inputs data from an Excel sheet (about 1000 rows) into a website and writes extracted information to adjacent columns. I am running into an issue where all the data is processed without error, but when I write the data back to Excel using the Write Range activity, the first 500-700 lines don’t have the extracted information while the last few hundred rows do.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this issue, as this is the first time this has happened :frowning:

Hi @Hisuhong,

There could be multiple causes but only one is the root cause:


  1. add delays to allow all the extracted information to be downloaded
  2. uncheck/untick property AutoSave for Excel Application Scope. Add Save Workbook activity after Write Range. Add 1-2s Delay after Save Workbook activity.

Additionally, you could do a row count of the DataTable that you Write Range to verify you have about 1000 rows.

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