Excel to web selection issue

tEST_Flow.zip (43.7 KB)
Hello UiPath Community,

I need help with an automation that fills web forms from Excel. It works for the first entry but not the second. The errors are:

  1. Account Name - Can’t enter this on the second entry
  2. Destination Address (State/Province) - Can’t click to select the statei

I’ve put a .zip, screenshot is also in .zip file in flow with the workflow . In Picture

These show where things go wrong.

Please, can someone help me fix this quickly? and send me flow

Thanks a lot!

Hi @badal_patel

indicate the anchor for the ui element
Hope it helps!

thanks for your suggestions, But it’s not working. can you please check and let me know

If you are going to select the dropdown please use Find Children activity

use select item activity or find children to choose from the drop down

refer this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQtBXlWhGpo

only 1 raw is working, not going good in second row it’s stuck

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