Select item don't work in excel

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I want to apply "Slect item "on a combo box in EXCEL to choose but a pop up appears !!! As you see below :

What could be the root cause for this case ? i’am using this activity in my UiPath studio here below :slightly_frowning_face:


What could be the alternative for this select item ?

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Hello, you could try using 2 x Click activities, one to click the dropdown, another to click the option you want.


yes , i already the same idea , but really i want to know what is the root cause behind , and why i cannot use "Select item " in UiPath studio

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@aya.lajili : Could you please attach sample excel file here.

Because it’s not a SELECT element. It’s some other type of element that Excel makes work like a select.

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what is the right activity in UiPath studio ?

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Or you could perhaps try this suggestion as per the docs: Activities - Select Item (

Click and then Click.

That issue won’t generate the error Aya is seeing.