Use find children to drop down menu

I am having problems to click on an element within a drop down menu, I tried to use select item and although the activity recognizes the element, it did not select the item that I indicated. I also tried to use clicks directly but no matter how much I edit the selectors they do not click the item and continue as if it had. At the moment I am trying to use the Find Childrens activity and it identifies the item that I want but I don’t know how to click on this item later or what else to add to do the action of the click or select, what structure should I follow?


What activities are missing to do what I want?

a dropdown on a webpage can occur on different variations:

  • simple select / option construct (pure HTML)
  • UiFramwork combination of Texfield, Select/Options, Ul/LI elements
  • Textfield / datalist combination

We would suggest to analyse in advance of which type the dropdown is.
Based on the type we can select the appropriate strategy

also have alook here: