Excel text to columns

I want to use Excel text to columns.
It is not working.
I am thinking of using hotkeys. Simply:

  1. Mark column A (Hotkey Ctrl + Space)
  2. Aktivate ribbon (Hotkey Alt)
  3. Choose data category (Hotkey T)
  4. Choose Text to columns (Hotkey K)
  5. Next, Next, Finish (Hotkey Enter) (Hotkey Enter) (Hotkey Enter)

The ribbon turns grey (inactive), and process not working.

Anyone know of an alternative solution?

Excel_text_to_columns1.zip (23.8 KB)

You can use Invoke VBA by recoerding macro for text to column
Or by using send hotkey use

Hey. Thank you for your reply.
I tried both your methods, but the hotkeys are the one that stopped working for me. I also used VBA by recording macro text to column (had to watch several youtubevideos to get it right). This method is also not working. The ribbon in Excel freezes in both scenarios.

I really don’t understand why this should be so difficult :-/

(The Excel document I need the text-to-column for, is new every time. This means I need to use a existing macro. Maybe this causes trouble. I therefore wanted to use the hotkey solution, it seemed easy. But as told earlier - it is not working.)