Need a way to Convert text to columns in Excel other than Macro

I have encountered an issue where i need to change a column to text to column or else the column values are not reflecting in other excel equations
I tried using a macro but that macro is not affecting during the uipath run, when we try to run the same macro in excel it works,

So i need a way to convert text to column
Please help

are you talking about plain csv data?
If so, then a conversion of csv to datatable and writing the datatable excel could be an option

why is the macro not working? Is there any error?

No there is no error , the bot executes the macro but it doesnot affect the excel columns

its not CSV actually, its xlsx format itself, i am updating some column values which are some source for some other equations in the same excel, so when i update the excel values through a query i need to convert to text to column since only then those equations are affecting ,

can you share sample data or a sample row. Feel free to mask sensitive information