How to send Hotkey to excel

Hi team,
In my excel have a column with below data, we need to split by “#” to get multiple columns. can you please help.

E-Mail#Directory Name#Display Name#Description, Arshad#SDeveloper

we have tried in excel “Text to Columns” option for that need to pass hotkey which does not works.

Hi @hasanjpm

The easiest way would be

  1. Use Read Range to read the data in the excel into a datatable
  2. Use Add Data Column activity to create the required columns
  3. Use a For Each Row activity to loop through the data in the excel
  4. Inside the loop, you can use assign activity to split the data of that row


This will create an array of items after spliting

now, use that array to assign the values into the new columns you added inside the loop itself

row(“New Column”) = SplitArray(0).ToString
row(“New Column 2”) = SplitArray(1).ToString

Now use a Write Range activity to write the data back into the excel file

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Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando it works

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