Send hotkey does not work

I want to insert a column with formula in excel. Below is what I did:

  1. write value to cell “w2”
  2. select range w2:w10
  3. send hotkey ctrl+d to apply the formula.

But step3 does not work.
Any help?


Have you checked ‘Visible’ option for Excel Application scope activity or not ?

Yes. I checked Visible

Is it becasue I didnot save the excel after send hotkey ctrl+d? How to ?

  1. Pass Hotkey and then use Save Workbook
  2. Without exiting Excel Application Scope place a message box after Send Hotkey and check if Formula is working without clicking OK on message box.
    3)If working then use Save Workbook Activity otherwise check selector of Hotkey

thanks. works now

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Can you mark this as solution?

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