Excel Referencing


I am new to UiPath and have a question that I am hoping someone might be able to answer. I am currently working on a bot that involves referencing an excel document. The bot deals with pulling information from an online database and then printing certain documents to pdf. An example of what I am dealing with is below, but the document is much larger and we would manually adjust which ones we print out week to week. I have been able to get the document to print out from the online system and eventually the bot breaks up the report into different reports based on the type of document which I have been able to for just one report at a time. The system compiles reports based on Employee ID and Location, so I would only need to print those out once. If the Employee ID or Location is different, then they would be in different reports. What I would like the bot to do is that if the Current Row’s Employee ID and Location does not match to the Previous Row’s Employee ID and Location, to print out a new report. So in the end, Employee 000002 would only need to go into the system once to print out 1 report, Employee 000003 would need to go into the system twice, Employee 000004 would need to go into the system once, and Employee 000005 would not need to go into the system at all. Thank you in advance for your help!

Print Employee ID Location Document
Yes 000002 IL Requests
Yes 000002 IL Suggestion
Yes 000003 IL Requests
Yes 000003 AZ Suggestion
Yes 000004 AR Requests
No 000005 AZ Requests