How to extract information from multiple webpages to excel?

Hi All

I would like to check on how do extract information from multiple webpages to excel.

I am sorry that I am unable to provide any screenshots as this is a project for my workplace, but following is roughly the flow that I came out with, just that I am unsure on how to program it in UIPath:

For each Customer ID
1.) Click on the Customer ID on the website portal
2.) The website portal will open into another window
3.) Copy “Gender” and “Race” information
4.) Close the window
5.) Click “Company” on the website portal (from Pt.1)
6.) The website portal will go another page but staying in the same window
7.) Copy “Company ID” information
8.) Click “Back”
//End For Loop

Copy the above information (Gender, Race and Company ID) into an existing excel document with position starting from Cell U14.

Appreciate your help!


Hi @sky_wong

Welcome to UiPath Community

you have listed out most part of your workflow :smiley:

I assume that you are getting the customer Id from excel, so you need to need to place the above steps in “For Each” row to iterate through each row and update the details at the as you loop through the datatable.

when you are opening a web window you need to use “Attach Browser” activity to perform clicks, inputs, etc. within same browser window.

as you want to update details from U14, you can do so using variable for cell number, like "U"+CellNumber, CellNumber can be initiated to 14 and can be dynamically incremented with each iteration

hope this is helpful