Reading excel file with unique ID associated with multiple other unique IDs and enter them into a webform

Hi all,

i am new to UIpath and is trying to figure out what activities/loop i can use for my scenario. Hope to get some direction so that i proceed :slight_smile:

  1. My excel file contains rows with duplicate OrderIDs as 1 OrderID comprises of several ItemIDs that a customer order in a single order.

  2. My job is, based on the excel file, create a order in a web application, and add each of the items that the customer ordered into the single order.

  3. Based on my current knowledge, the “For each” activity reads row by row and i can only create a single order and item if i use this activity.

  4. Am i missing some activity that i could use for my scenario? Thanks. I have attached a sample excel for reference.Sample excel file.xlsx (10.0 KB)

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Hi @Tristanityrobotics

If you want some Unique Id even for the Duplicate Order ID

Then you can use the System.GUID method for creating the unique 16 bytes in integer and with the reference of this GUID you can easily proceed for the duplicate OrderID.

Try this and let me know

Hi @abu.behlim

Thanks for the reply! I am not trying to get the unique id.

more of, i want the robot to detect that itemID belongs to the same OrderID hence to do something within the same order screen.

Could you send me the snapshot of the excel?

hi @abu.behlim,

here is a snap shot of the excel file and the file itself:
Sample excel file.xlsx (10.0 KB)


Basically, i want uipath to:

  1. open browser and navigate to ordering management site
  2. search for orderID 00001
  3. within orderID 00001, create ItemID AZ1, followed by AZ2 and AZ3 (loop if more item under orderID 00001)
  4. after creating orderID 00001 and items within, loop to the next OrderID and perform the same as above again.

i am stuck and do not know what to do for the above step 3.

Any help or advice on how to go about the above is appreciated please:)


You already have the DataTable from Excel
1 - Use For Each Row in YourDataTable → This will be your LOOP
2 - Assing Variable = row(“OrderID”).toString → You Order per Line
3 - Assing Variable = row(“OrderID”).toString → You Item per Line
4 - Assing Variable = row(“Item Name”).toString → You Item Name per Line
5 - Navigate to Website and Create item navigate to the website and perform all the actions needed to create your work



Hi @Luis261980,

thanks much for the reply, but this method will slot item AZ1, AZ2 and AZ3 into different OrderID.

I am trying to create item AZ1, AZ2 and AZ3 into the orderID 00001. Hence, how do i tell the loop to “break” the moment OrderID 00002 is detected? After it loop thru AX1 and AX2, it will again break the loop and move to OrderID 00003.

Have attached one more image of how my webform will look like/function for better illustration.

Hi great minds. I am still waiting patiently for any form of help :slight_smile: