Search item from Excel file into website and delete them

Hi all,

I’m new to UiPath and dealing with a situation where I need some help.
I have a bot that search items on a platform based on a excel. So each item is a row in that excel.
Once an item is found, the bot have to delete it.
The problem is that there are items is Excel that don’t return any result an there there robot stops.
How can I set the bot to go to the next Excel row and search the new item onsite?


Excel data is best read into a datatable and processed within that datatable, rather than row-by-row in an open Excel document. Can you share your workflow and the Excel file? If the Excel file is proprietary, can you share a mock-up with non-proprietary data?

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You can use Try Catch activity, this will prevent the workflow to stop when it finds an error.

Not able to share doc as new user and only 1 pic available.
Excel has a single column

Instead of passing Nothing to the Read Range activity, pass the column where your data is located. If this is column A, use "A:A", then remove blank rows from your datatable. This will ensure that UiPath reads all of the data in the column.

@bcorrea Thanks
Will that may work although there’s no error.
Bot simply doesn’t know what to do as after it performs the search, no result is returned and the Delete button is not present.

if Delete button is the last thing in your loop, then you can use ContinueOnError=True on that click and reduce the timeout to like 5 seconds…

@Anthony_Humphries thanks. will give it a try