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Hi all,

please check my Screenshot:

I have a simple Excel Application Scope: I would like to insert a simple “=right(K2;8)” - formular like in the screenshot:


But the result looks like that:

Can you help me?

Thank you and BR

can you check the formula syntax using = vs. +

@ppr , I tried both already, same result…

thank you

try “=RIGHT(K2;8)”


@Angel_Llull, as mentioned I tried it with “+” and with “=” but it is not working

Please, try with “=RIGHT(K2,8)”

It works for me in this way. I wrote it in the wrong way in the last post…sorry…

But, is this for one cell? or few cells?

If you have few cells, write “=RIGHT(K:K,8)”

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we prefer always to get details when something is not working.

For the formula syntax we do use =
You can try it manually in Excel

Maybe you are looking for something different like a autofill K2,K3,K4…
So we would recommend to share more details with us. Thanks for support


It was working with the “,”.
Thank you!!


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