Excel Formulas when assigned not working

I am trying to assign a formular to a particular column
But i am getting the column in excel as follows.
In my excel->formulas->Correction setting is automatic but still no sign of actual value.

Hi @P-A-J

Can you specify what condition have you given in Assign activity?


You mean formula ???

Yes. @P-A-J


“=IF(COUNTIF(A” +(CorrectionTable.Rows.IndexOf(CurrentRow)+1).ToString + “:K” +(CorrectionTable.Rows.IndexOf(CurrentRow)+1).ToString + “,”“NoChange”“)=0,”“OK”“,”“Error”“)”

Hi @P-A-J

Try this In assign Activity:

"=IF(COUNTIF(A" & (CorrectionTable.Rows.IndexOf(CurrentRow) + 1).ToString & ":K" & (CorrectionTable.Rows.IndexOf(CurrentRow) + 1).ToString & ", ""NoChange"") = 0, ""OK"", ""Error"")"


Still the same output

Hi @P-A-J ,

I believe the Datatable way of adding formulas does not really work, We would require to use Write Cell and Auto-Fill Range activities to perform your task.

Or Convert the Logic in the Formula to IF Else Condition in workflow and update the Column in Datatable with the actual values and then update the Excel sheet.

I am using workbook activities (

Cant we add a row in someway to the datatable and later write datatable in excel
But how to i insert a value of a specific column in a datatable ?

@P-A-J ,

Yes. This was mentioned in the Edited post above.


use write cell activity to write a specific value to a column

No no , i mean using “Add data row” activity

that neads a file path ,i only have a datatable


ok use for each row in datatable activity

inside use assign


outside of for each row use write range workbook


thats what i am doing already and its not working


can you share your workflow or share the inputs and outputs

I am just adding a column to add status , for a particular range if the Count of “NoChange” present are none.
If none , then ok
If present , then Error


then where you are facing error

The formulas are getting printed as they are , instead of the actual values