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I have the following problem - I have an Excel Sheet with undefinied number of rows.
I want to insert a forumula ( right(A2)… ) in every row, but when I use the action item for each row and write cell I receive the following message in Excel row =NAME?? and in the second, third,… row the formula is the same as in the first row
How can I manage to insert and activate the formula and to change it in the other rows?

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Hello @christian1 ,

Please check this following link:

Hope this helps!

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Hello, I am at the beginning, so I cannot test the Auto Fill item, because the Formula does not work
my Formula should be = =RIGHT(E2;LENGTH(E2)-13) in Write Cell → Text → Where to write

image and then I receive this error message


I have tried it with " on the beginning/end , without it or with ’ , nothing worked

thank you


While writing a formula in excel using write cell, everything should be inside double quotes. Like this:
Try like this.


I am working in Studio X , double quotes are automatically filled ,
the formula A2+C2 does work , but the formula in german =rechts(e2,8) doesnt work. Now I receive the following return in Excel



Have you tried writing the formula manually to excel and see it works? This error usually comes when there is an issue with the formula-like syntax.
I tried the english formula: =RIGHT(A2,8) and its working.



I think you need to change the language setting excel first and it’s not with uipath settings

Because even if you try manually to insert that formal in German this issue will come

So change the language setting in excel or use English formulas

That would definitely resolve your issue

Cheers @christian1

The error message tells you you should use “Kommas” => " , " to split parameters. I know that in German Excel we use semicolons " ; " to split. Try changing that first, after that I would try to use English formulas.

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