Excel file saving error

When I am trying to save my excel file, I want to save it as a tab delimitted file, but when i try to get the bot to click on it after clicking on the drop down box it completely skips the part where you select the tab delimited. What can I do so that it will save correctly?


we can use WRITE CSV file where we can pass the datatable obtained from EXCEL file with READ RANGE ACTIVITY and also mention the delimiter as TAB from the drop down

Cheers @amb13

Is it not possible to just simply use the click option for the drop down menu? I am not using a csv file.

Yah that’s possible
But it’s purely based on UI of excel
If we want to do in that way may I know where we facing error while doing so
Kindly ensure that SIMULATE CLICK is enabled in all click activity
If we want we can use SEND HOT KEY activity with relevant keys that we can perform with keyboard inside excel to change and save as tab delimited file

Cheers @amb13

Yes, due to the type of docs I am using I cannot share my code, but I can show this and it goes until the “Click push button open” but then when i do the “click test list item” it does not click it, it just saves as an excel file.

hi @amb13
Hope this would solve your issue.
first use type into activity to type desired file name.
then use select item activity to select the file type then click activity to click on save

I did this but when i ran the program,it still saved as an excel file. It changed the dropdown menu, but it did not save it as what was put.

can you plese check the file extension of the new file it should be(.txt) created
and tab delimiter files generally take excel as default

what do you mean by this? When I save it saves the new file as the same version of the excel file instead of saving it as the correct text file.

Got it to work!