Issue in saving Text(tab delimited issue) in .xlsx format


I am facing an issue after importing a text file(tab delimited) in excel and saving it into .xlsx format through Ui path.


System is not allowing me to save the file but while I am doing manually system allows me to save the file in .xlsx, please assist is there any restriction with ui path to save such type of format into .xlsx.


What happens if you click on Yes ?


save workbook and close workbook under excel application scope

it will work fine


When I click on yes it remains to be in old .txt format and when I close the file it again ask me to save the file and when save it again gives me same pop up box

I can not use excel application scope as I am ctrl+f12 to open a random file and perform action on that.

you may go for
inside for each loop you can pass multiple excel paths to excel application scope!!

actually this is not a Uipath issue, it is excel property if you are going to save comma delimited values to csv it occurs!!

I did not save my excel file yet then how can I use excel application scope it is asking the file path.

Also when I am doing it manually I am not getting any error but when the same steps are being performed by bot I am facing this issue.

once try to save file as csv if possible, it will not throw alerts


Hi, If I am saving in csv then also its hitting alert box